The Exeter & District Radio Control Club flying site is located at “Wrayford Field”, near to Newton Abbot, in Devon.  We provide flying training, at no extra cost, for members new to the hobby.  All members are required to achieve the BMFA ‘A’ certificate of flying competence before being permitted to fly solo at Wrayford Field.  BMFA insurance is mandatory for all flying members.

We operate the BMFA “First Time Inexperienced Flyer Scheme”, whereby any person new to the hobby may experience flying a radio controlled model aircraft using a “dual controlled” training model on up to three separate occasions. They will be accompanied by a qualified BMFA club instructor.  A “First Time Inexperienced Flyer” is not required to join the E&DRCC or the BMFA to experience these “taster” flights.

Guests of members are welcome to fly with us at Wrayford Field on up to three days in any one year.   They must have BMFA insurance and an appropriate BMFA certificate of flying competence.

Temporary memberships are available for model flyers holidaying in the area at a cost of  £20.00 for up to 4 weeks. They must have BMFA insurance and an appropriate BMFA certificate of flying competence. A temporary membership may be converted to a full membership during the same year, on payment of the remaining  subscription and joining fee.

Annual subscriptions 2019

£62.00 for Senior Membership, with a joining fee of £10.00. For new members.

£20.00 for Associate Membership, with a joining fee of £5.00. For new members.

£20.00 for  Junior Membership (under 18 years of age), with a joining fee of £5.00. For new members.

Senior Members joining after the 1st of July, a 50% subscription of £33.00 is payable, and after the 1st of October, a 25% subscription of £16.50 is payable.

Associate Members joining after the 1st of July, a 50% subscription of £10.00 is payable, and after the 1st of October, a 25% subscription of £5.00 is payable.

Junior Members joining after the 1st of July, a 50% subscription of £10.00 is payable, and after the 1st of October, a 25% subscription of £5.00 is payable.  

Permanent Wheelchair Users qualify for a 50% reduction of the Annual Membership subscriptions.  All E&DRCC and BMFA memberships run to the 31st of December in any one year.

Please contact our Membership Secretary, Melvyn Baker, who will provide further information  on how to join the club.

Please enjoy exploring the rest of our website about the E&DRCC and Radio Controlled Aeromodelling

Elected Officers of the Exeter & District Radio Control Club (2018/2019)

Hon. Chairman: Roger Perryman: 01626 776138


Hon. Secretary: Cliff Brumfield: 07756873100


Membership Secretary: Melvyn Baker: 01626 367127

mdb44@blueyonder.co.uk ”  

Treasurer: John Favell: 01626 332984


Safety Officer: Richard Winter: 01803 326254


Site Supervisor: Neil Armer: 01626 333649

” neilarmer@btinternet.com “

Members liason Officer: Steve Bowles 01803 550356

” steven_bowles@yahoo.com “

Website Advisor: Rob Barfield  (Non-Member)

Flying Site

Wrayford Field is located about one mile along ‘Hestow Road’, which is off ‘Brook Way’, located alongside the “Ten Tors Inn” public house (TQ12 3NP), on Exeter Road, Kingsteignton.  Hestow road is a narrow lane with passing places and slow, blind bends.  For detailed instructions on how to get to the flying site please contact one of the committee members who will give you directions.
No interference problems have been reported by members using either 35Mhz, or 2.4 Ghz, radio control equipment.
Because our model aircraft are flown from mown and rolled grass, wheels of less than 2 inches diameter (50mm), and fitted wheel spats, are NOT recommended.  Take-offs and landings are always much easier with larger diameter, soft rubber air wheels fitted to any model.
Before any model is permitted to be flown, it must be noise tested to comply with the DoE 82 dB(A) maximum limit and any failsafe functions fitted,  checked for correct operation.
All electric powered models must have a working failsafe mechanism which stops the motor on loss of the transmitter signal, as a minimum requirement.
Our permitted flying times are from 10-00 am, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. 
Note: Only electric powered, “Quiet-Fly” models and “Silent-Fly” gliders may be flown on Sundays,  and at other “noise sensitive” times.
Our Finishing Times, No Fly Days, Bank Holiday Flying Hours, and other important information, is posted on the club noticeboard, located within the car parking area.
Access to Wrayford Field by visitors is only permitted when club members are on site.


Please support our local model shops:

Phoenix Models: 3 Salisbury House, Salisbury Rd, Newton Abbot TQ12 2DF: www.phoenixmp.com.

Bekra Models: 91 Queens St, Newton Abbot, TQ12 2BG: www.bekramodels.co.uk

And a new Model shop, AK RC Models: 11A Broadmeadow Ind. Est, Teignmouth, TQ14 9AE: www.akrcmodels.com