Indoor Flying

Indoor Model Flying

The local indoor model flying group is organised as a separate entity by Jim Smith.  This page is provided as a service to members and friends of the Exeter & District Radio Control Club.  Participants must have BMFA flying insurance unless attending under the BMFA  “First Time Inexperienced Flyer” Scheme.

The indoor flying venue is “Teign Valley Community Hall”, Lower Town, Christow, EX6 7NA.

Due to fewer persons flying on Tuesday evenings, the cost has had to be raised to £5.00 per person, per evening to cover costs. Flying is now from 7-30 pm until 9-30 pm.  Both fixed wing and rotary wing models are flown in alternate 20 minute sessions. (based upon average flying/re-charging times).I have booked the hall for indoor flying  on the following dates below :

Just to let you know that the indoor flying will not continue through the summer after the above date, this is to ensure that the Indoor Flying Group “float” does not run out. We will start indoor flying again in October.

For further information,  please contact the indoor flying organiser: Jim Smith: Tel: 07831 736341

A SAFETY WARNING (Helicopters)

 At the beginning of February 2012, a young man turned up at the indoor flying session with a Century Model’s Evo 180 Helicopter.  This helicopter is very popular and on this evening there were two others present.  Johnathan the young man in question, had a flight without any problems, but on his second flight he paired his transmitter with his model (Century’s version of binding), when two other similar sets were switched on. 

After what he thought was a successful pairing, he placed the helicopter on the floor and waggled the cyclic stick to see that all was working ok.  Unfortunately, this had the effect of activating full throttle, and, as you can imagine, the helicopter shot up to the roof and smashed itself to pieces!!  Seeing this happen first hand, I was very shocked, and decided to phone Century UK to see if they had a problem with this model.

It appears they have ! 

The person I spoke to was, Dave Selman who told me this has happened to his knowledge on three occasions, once to him personally.  He also told me that at his local indoor club they now pair Century models well away from any other Century set that is switched on.  This we now do at our indoor group as well as holding on to the skids before touching anything.  It is obviously safer still to pair when no other Century sets are switched on.

I asked Dave Selman if Century had issued a safety warning, he said they had not, as all sets were approved for sale on a worldwide network.  This I felt was just not good enough considering the safety implications,.

If you own a Century model, I urge you to phone, or e-mail Century UK, and ask them to clarify the situation.

By the way, as a footnote, Century replaced Johnathan’s wrecked model free of charge. 

Richard Ray