Please look at the Club “For Sale” web page, for many radio controlled aeromodelling bargains, with models, engines, spares and kits available…………..First Come………..First Served……….  Many items have been donated to the club to support club funds.

Club News for 2019.

We held our AGM on the 14th December 2018 at the Constitutional Club, Newton Abbot.

The Club is entering its 8th year of flying at Wrayford field.

A lot has happened during 2018, the erection of the club cabin which is still work in progress but we have managed to put in the disabled ramp, painted the floor, laid blocks outside for the picnic bench to rest on and put some tables and chairs inside for the comfort of our members.

We held our first BBQ to celebrate the erection of the club cabin and a good day was had by all present. Photo’s can be viewed in our gallery page.

It is hoped to have the cabin fully operational by the end of February 2019, with a disabled toilet in place for disabled/female/children to use. More blocks laid outside for chairs during the summer months.

With more comfortable facilities at the club it is hoped to attract more members through word of mouth and the Club Website.

The committee have added two more posts to the committee.

Neil Armer is the new Site Manager.

Steven Bowles is the new Members Liaison Officer.

The club continues to improve for the benefit of all our club members and potential new members.

On Wednesday the 5th of December 2017, we held our AGM at the Ten Tors public House

The meeting was attended by 20 members with 17 apologies for absence. 

The highlights of the AGM are as follows:  We celebrated SIX years of flying at Wrayford Field on the 1st of October 2017, and we succeeded in getting Permanent “Conditional” Planning Permission for a Club Cabin at Wrayford Field.

Despite some members not re-joining the club in January 2017, and the passing of two Honorary Members, sufficient new members joined us during 2017 to end the year with a total of 49 members.

The new committee had few changes, except that Cliff Brumfield is now our new Chairman, with Roger Perryman supporting him as Vice-Chairman.

The members discussed and voted to have an additional membership category of: “Associate Membership” for those who do not fly, but wish to enjoy our Model Flying Club environment at Wrayford Field.

Sadly, we lost two Honorary Members during 2017 due to the “complications of old age”.  Our former Treasurer, Dave Calverley, and founder member, Brian Rosier R.I. P.

Celebrating SIX years of flying at Wrayford Field

On Saturday the 30th of September, we celebrated SIX years of flying with full planning permission by having a BBQ, Swapmeet, and Invitation Fly-In, at Wrayford Field.

One our honoured guests was a spritely 97 year old lady who was a Senior WAAF Officer on various Bomber Command Stations during WWII. She even outranked her husband who was a pilot training officer. (with 34 aircraft types in his logbook). So I dutifully flew my model MkIIa Spitfire and Lancaster Bomber for her pleasure.

We  had Fly-In visitors from three other local clubs, who thoroughly enjoyed their flying at Wrayford Field.

Saturday OR Sunday 1st of October 2017 ? (Weather permitting)

This weekend will be the Club’s 6th Anniversary of when we first received planning permission to fly at Wrayford Field in 2011.

We are having an Invitation Fly-In, Swapmeet, and BBQ, at Wrayford Field to celebrate another milestone in the Club’s history.

So please bring your electric powered “Quiet Fly Models” and have a few flights.

(Sorry, but IC. Power, Pusher Prop, and Ducted Fan models, are NOT permitted to be flown on Sundays). 

And bring along your surplus planes and modelling items to sell, and also plenty of cash to purchase a few bargains.

There will be No Commission Charges, but many items being sold will benefit Club Funds.

The “new” Club BBQ will be fired up again, for you to cook your own Burgers, Steaks, and Sausages. (and your veggie options too!)

Please put this CLUB EVENT in your DIARY and on your CALENDAR straight away, as next Sunday, the Weather is currently forecast to be “reasonable”.

For directions, please see the Club Website: 

 On Wednesday the 7th of December 2016 we held our Annual General Meeting at the Ten Tors Public House.

All existing committee members were individually re-elected by the unanimous votes of all 24 members present. (with 5 apologies for absence). Our membership numbers continue to grow slowly, and as the Club’s finances have now been stabilised, our expected cash flow gives us no cause for concern at present.

It was decided to keep membership subscriptions unchanged for 2017, but with one exception: It was proposed, discussed, and passed unanimously, to reduce the Club’s annual membership subscription for “Permanent Wheelchair Users” by 50%, to £32.50 per annum. We hope that wheelchair users interested in flying radio controlled model aircraft will enjoy using our facilities at Wrayford Field.

The very popular, members only, FREE “Grand Draw” for an E&DRCC membership in 2017 was won by an extremely happy, Ron W., and the many useful, raffle prizes donated by various benefactors were quickly snapped up by the lucky winners.

Various model aircraft, radio control equipment and modelling ancillary items, which belonged to our Late, former treasurer, Dave Calverley, were sold to generous members, to the benefit of his Wife’s finances.

We held our FIRST Camping Weekend and BBQ:

This took place on the 10th & 11th of September, to celebrate 12months of model flying since achieving our second tier of planning permission to fly “Quiet-Fly” electric powered models and gliders on Sundays, and the days before, and after Public Moto Cross Race meetings.

Despite having heavy rain on the Friday evening, which cleared by Saturday morning, the members and friends who attended this event enjoyed wonderfully warm, sunny, flying, and camping weather over the whole weekend.

Hopefully, more members and friends of the E&DRCC will attend next year’s event.

We held TWO Bring and Buy Sales of modelling equipment at Wrayford field:

These took place on Saturday 8th of May, and Sunday 17 of July, and many models and associated modelling equipment were sold, auctioned, & traded.

Many items came from the estate of the late Colin Silver, a former RAF Pilot, who enjoyed building model aircraft. The many “bargains” acquired by club members and friends at both events, helped to swell the club funds by a few hundred of pounds.

We celebrated FIVE whole years of model flying at Wrayford Field:

We held another Invitation Fly-In and BBQ on Sunday, 2nd of October to celebrate the fifth anniversary of our very first day of flying at Wrayford Field.

Although the weather on Saturday was rather wet and windy, Sunday morning dawned to a bright, warm day with gentle breezes which were excellent for flying, outdoor cooking, and eating good grub in great company !!

We visited the Fleet Air Arm Museum:

On Tuesday 4th of October a group of Club members visited the museum and enjoyed a conducted tour of the Historic Flight Hangars at RNAS Yeovilton.

Our only commment was that it is impossible to see all the exhibits properly in one day. So we must all go again next year !! The visit was organised by Martin Jones, who served with Royal Navy Fleet Arm Arm.

We had plenty of decent flying weather this Summer:

Most members enjoying many good flying days at Wrayford Field. However, it is a great pity that some novice members have flown very rarely this year, especially as our flying instructors give up their own “flying time” at no charge, to help novice members achieve their “A” Certificates. So it is always a great disappointment when a novice member seem to “give up” after a few flights, just when they are starting to make progress.

The only benefit club instructors receive from giving flying and technical instruction, is the personal satisfaction when their pupils receive their BMFA certificates, then seeing them continue to improve their flying skills in a safe and competent manner.

A Former Member  complained that he wasn’t a competitive person, and he didn’t see why he needed to pass his BMFA “A” certificate to fly solo at Wrayford Field. So I tried to explain that the BMFA “A” Certificate of Achievement is all about “Competence”, and was NOT a “Competition” !!……….. He now continues to CRASH his model aircraft elsewhere !

VERY GOOD NEWS……We now have achieved a second tier of permanent planning permission to fly Electric powered, “Quiet-Fly” model aircraft and “Silent-Fly” gliders on Sundays and other noise sensitive times from the 1st of November 2015.

The final hurdle to the E&DRCC Flying on Sundays, and on the days before and after Moto-Cross racing events, has been cleared, with the “Discharge of Conditions” notice being received on Wednesday 28th of October.

This is the culmination of over two years work in negotiations, planning applications, a public planning appeal, 12 months of temporary permission, the planning applications, and now the final discharge of conditions relating to our “Flying Site Rules”.

It is most important that all members and guest flyers at Wrayford Field adhere to these rules, especially with regard to the flying days, the flying times, and the types of model permitted to be flown. All details are displayed on the club noticeboard, which are the same as the previous 12 month period of temporary planning permission.

Every member can take some credit for achieving this decision, by proving how competent and disciplined we are as a group of model aircraft flying enthusiasts who have carefully abided by the Flying Site Rules, the Flying Days, and Flying Times at Wrayford Field, since we commenced flying there on Saturday 1st of October 2011.

The person who said that “Rules are made to be Broken” is no longer a member of the club !!

Please look at the Club “For Sale” web page, for many radio controlled aeromodelling bargains, with models, engines, spares and kits available…………..First Come………..First Served……….Many items have been donated to the club to support club funds.

Not So Good News………!!

Following the recent E&DRCC “NEWSFLASHES” to all members:

There seems to be a delay with Discharging our “Conditions of Use”, of our “Conditional” Permanent Planning Permission, before we are allowed to fly electric powered “Quiet-Fly” models and “Silent-Fly” gliders on Sundays.

At present we have NOT been informed of what is causing this hold-up with checking the Club Flying Site Rules against all the other paperwork. Whether this is due to a late technical challenge by our objectors, or due to the Council planning office being extremely short staffed at present.

Hopefully, we shall receive the Discharge of Conditions notice very soon.

In the meantime:

So Please, NO FLYING ON SUNDAYS  until further notice.


Permanent planning permission to fly electric powered “Quiet-Fly” models and “Silent-Fly” gliders on Sundays, and the days before and after Moto-Cross Race meetings was granted on Friday 28th of August 2015.

To celebrate this decision, which is a victory for good flying discipline and common sense, we plan to have an “Invitation Fly-In”, “a Bring & Buy”, and a “Grand BBQ”, for ALL Friends and Members of the E&DRCC, on Sunday the 6th of September. 

The number of known “infingements” since 1st October 2011 can be counted on one hand, and due to the fact that none of these were made “knowingly or deliberately”  it is recognised that we are a well organised and disciplined group of model aircraft enthusiasts.

So please will ALL E&DRCC Members & “Friends” familiarise themselves with the current “Flying days” and “Flying times” at Wrayford Field.  These flying periods have been carefully negotiated with the  local planning authority since February 2011 to provide a reasonable number of weekly flying opportunities  throughout the year, which are fair to E&DRCC members and local residents alike.

An E&DRCC “NEWSFLASH” containing the agreed Flying days and Flying Times has been circulated to ALL members and Friends of the E&DRCC. These will be exactly the same as the “Temporary Planning Permission” granted last year on appeal, by the Government Planning Inspector.     

Temporary Planning Permission (2015)

The period of our temporary planning permission to fly electric powered “Quiet-fly” Models and “Silent-Fly” gliders will cease on the 17th of July 2015.  After this date, flying on Sundays and on the days before and after Public Moto-Cross Racing Events will be suspended until Full Planning Permission has been granted.

The application paperwork to upgrade our Temporary Permission into Full Planning Permission was submitted on Monday the 1st of June. The target date for the Council decision has been set for Monday 31st of August. This will provide FULL 12 month period of “discrete” monitoring of our flying activities by Teignbridge Planning and Public Health Officers.

As of the 1st of June 2015, no valid complaints had been recorded by, or submitted to the council, concerning “Undue Disturbance” caused by electric powered “Quiet-Fly” model aircraft and “Silent-Fly” Gliders flown on Sundays, or on the days before and after Moto-Cross racing Events.

Sunday Flying at Wrayford Field (2014)

Flying for electric motor powered “quiet-fly” and “silent-fly” models on Sundays is now a reality following two years of work by the committee, which involved discussions with planning officers, council planning applications, and a public planning appeal.

The Government Appointed, Senior Planning Inspector found in our favour, and agreed that the above types of model should not cause “undue noise or disturbance” to local residents.

As announced by an earlier E&DRCC Newsflash, the first day of Sunday flying permitted under the new Temporary Planning Permission, was Sunday 31st of August 2015, with the publicised club barbeque held on Sunday 7th of September. “Celebration Sunday”

The members and guests who turned up on the 7th, were rewarded with a fine, sunny day having a warm South Easterly breeze, absolutely ideal for flying all types of electric powered models, including some bungee launched “pure” gliders.

Two barbeques were fired up, and the chairs and tables laid out for everyone to have a superb afternoon. Brian Pressdee brought along his own gazebo and “strategic” reserves of hot dogs and beef burgers to supplement our own provisions.

No one went home hungry or thirsty……….Thank you Brian.

BBQ on Celebration Sunday

The line up of model aircraft flown, included scale, aerobatic, and sports types including various gliders. The flying patch and pits area had been specially mown and rolled to ensure that even the smaller models would have no problems taking off or landing. It was a calm, pleasant and “quiet” afternoon which we hope the local residents appreciated, despite their “concerns” voiced about possible noise and disturbance during the planning process.

Those members of the E&DRCC who were unable to attend, certainly missed a superb flying day.

Model Pits

Model Pits

Mk24 Spitfire on Finals(b)

Mk 24 Spitfire on Finals with the Flaps and Wheels Down


Spitfire Mk XXIV

Roger's Parakeet (b)

Roger’s Pet Parakeet


We are now permitted to fly electric powered “Quiet-Fly” models and “Silent-Fly” gliders on Sundays, and at other noise sensitive periods, for a 12 month period of Temporary permission, from the 29th of August 2014. We received the “Discharge of Conditions” from the Teignbridge District Council planning department on Friday 29th of August 2014.

The club committee worked closely with the Teignbridge Environmental Health department and Planning Officers to achieve these extra flys days and flying times. We hope the extra flying days and new flying times  specifically for “Quiet-Fly” and “Silent-Fly” model aircraft, will provide a sensible and lasting solution acceptable to members and local residents alike.


Sunday (electric) flying  CAN commence at the field this Sunday 31st August (Please note times posted on field notice board). However the proposed BBQ has had to be cancelled at the last minute. The Committee is sorry this action has been decided, but we can celebrate our new planning permission NEXT Sunday 7th September (weather permitting). This will give everyone time to prepare.


 Not Much Longer to wait for Sunday Flying

We are now waiting for the council to process and approve the final paperwork relating to the “Conditions of Use” and our successful planning appeal.

According to the application for the “Discharge of Conditions” of  13/01852/COND1 the “Target Date” for approval, is Thursday 28th of August 2014…………….

All members and friends of the E&DRCC will be notified  when we will be permitted to fly on  Sundays  for the very first time. It is hoped the weather will be good enough to drag out the club Barbeque and Gazebos for a “Celebration Sunday”

Great News

On Thursday 17th of July we received notification that we have WON our Planning Appeal against Teignbridge Council. We have achieved  a 12 month period of temporary planning permission to fly “Quiet-Fly” electric powered models and “Silent-Fly” gliders on Sundays and other noise sensitive times. 

This has required our Club Flying Site Rules and Flying Times to be updated to reflect the changes and presented to the Council Planners for verification. We expect to receive written confirmation during the next few weeks, and then we can commence flying to the new planning permission.

All Members and Friends of the E&DRCC will be notified as soon as this confirmation is received. Then hopefully, after 11 months of “Quiet” flying on Sundays and other times at Wrayford Field, we shall convert this to permanent planning permission without too many “problems”.


A Public Planning Hearing chaired  by an externally appointed Senior Planning Inspector will  be held in the Teignbridge Council Chamber on Tuesday the 10th of June 2014. starting at 10am.  This will be followed by site a visit(s) later in the day, and flying demonstrations of quiet-fly and silent-fly models to properly assess  the alleged “continuous noise and nuisance” of model aircraft  and gliders flown at Wrayford Field.  Please support your club committee with this planning appeal.

The 60 metre diameter grass flying patch is now becoming much smoother and flatter, which means that take-offs and landings can be made by models having smaller wheels.  Models may be flown with 3 inch diameter wheels, and even down to 2 inches  in diameter when the patch has been recently mown. More work with sieving and sprinkling soil in the hollows will further improve the patch………….Please bring a garden seive, spade and a bucket along at any time. An hour’s work occasionally will greatly improve YOUR flying site.

The Spring work schedule at Wrayford Field is now complete.  Six members turned up to the work party at Wrayford Field on the “NO FLY DAY” (Saturday 12th of April). Three apologies for absence were received from other members .

The flying patch was closely mown, then rolled with the heavy diesel powered Vibro-Roller.  At the same time, barrow loads of soil were finely seived and spread in the hollows on the patch. This was then brushed into the grass to become almost invisible. This arduous work took the six members present, from 10-00am until 3-30pm to complete. The resulting smoother take-off and landing area will be appreciated by all members and guests alike.

One member even turned up with models to fly during the afternoon of this publicised “NO FLY DAY” and work party.  This is despite the Club Spring Newsletter, and an email “Newsflash”, with the dates of the MotoCross race meetings at Whiteway Barton and “No Fly Days”.

The Club’s Planning Appeal  process against the decision by the Teignbridge Planning Committee, NOT to allow the flying of electric powered models and gliders on Sundays, and at other noise sensitive times commenced on Wednesday March 20th.

The Spring work schedule at Wrayford Field is slowly progressing.  Most of the jobs would have been completed by now, but the THREE members who turned up on the NO FLY DAY were unable to complete all the work.

The committee wishes to apologise to those, whose flying was interrupted on Wednesday March 19th 2014 when essential remedial work to the electric fence and the flying patch needed to be completed before the heavy rains expected over the next few days.

It is hoped that sufficient members will turn up to assist with Vibro-Rolling the flying patch and pits area in the near future. It is only by doing this work ourselves, that membership fees can be maintained at the current low levels.

Old News (2013)


This was held in December 2013, the lucky winner of the draw for an E&DRCC membership in 2014 was Derek Fenn, and John Freeman won the draw for a Phoenix Model Products gift voucher. The annual subscriptions are now £60.00 per annum for full membership, which now include entries for every member in a draw at the Club AGM in 2014, for one free membership in 2015.  Dave Calvely, our retiring Treasurer, was proposed for, and unanimously accepted as a Club Honorary member. Philip Day is our new Club Treasurer.

Club Archive films of model flying in the 1960’s onwards, taken by the late Jack Hecker, have been transferred from 8mm film, and VHS, onto DVD. These DVD’s, containing two hours of entertaining footage, are available from Nigel Rollason for only £5.00 each (to club funds)

The AGM was attended by 19 members who thoroughly enjoyed the Tea, Coffee and delicious Christmas Buffet provided by the staff of the Ten Tors Inn.  Anyone who wishes to enjoy good food in comfortable surroundings, along with easy parking, and all at reasonable prices, please consider the ” TEN TORS INN ” at Kingsteignton.

It’s Annual General Meeting time again

The E&DRCC AGM will be held at the Ten Tors Public House, on Wednesday 4th of December starting at 8-00pm prompt, in the meeting room, located to the left hand side of the main bar. Please put this date in your diary and on your calendar ! It is most important that as many members as possible attend to elect your new committee and decide how we will progress the next stage of our planning application, and/or an appeal. Free Tea and coffee will be available, along with a Free Christmas buffet, so please don’t eat too much before coming to the AGM. Normal pub beverages will be available from the bar.

There will be an opportunity to Win a Full Club Membership for 2014 in the grand prize draw.Tickets will be £5.00 each, or £10.00 for three !! These will be available to current Full, and Junior members only. If a Junior member wins the draw, they will also receive the cash balance of a full membership. There will also be a raffle for a £15.00 gift voucher at Phoenix Model Products. Tickets will be £1.00 each or £2.00 for three. For those who cannot attend, tickets may be purchased from a committee member beforehand. Somebody has got to be the lucky winner !…….It could be YOU !!

Planning Application

At the Teignbridge planning meeting on Monday 23rd of September, our application to fly electric powered models on Sundays, and at other noise sensitive times, was refused.

We had worked very hard with the planning officers to ensure our application was fair to all parties, and they had recommended approval. But we did not receive enough votes from the planning committee to obtain permission.

So our permitted flying days and flying times will remain as the existing “Conditions of Use” as displayed on the club notice board. We now have to appeal their decision on a number of issues. This will mean even more paperwork, and insist an “open appeal”, to which the public may attend, as well as requiring an official site visit by all parties with a flying demonstration of electric powered models and gliders.

The appeal will be chaired by an externally appointed planning inspector, who will make the final decision.


Our planning application will go before a meeting of the full Teignbridge planning committee on Monday the 23rd of September 2013.

Due to the main council chamber being used for another purpose, this meeting will be held at the Buckland Athletic football club, Kingskerwell Road, Newton Abbot, TQ12 5JU. Starting at 9-45 am.

This follows many meetings and consultations with the planning and environmental health managers.  It is proposed this will be for an initial  temporary period of 12 months, during which the environmental effects of flying electric powered propeller driven models and gliders on Sundays, and other quiet periods, can be properly assessed.


Our planning application “IN” with Teignbridge Council.

We are applying to fly electric powered, propeller driven models and gliders on Sundays, and on the Saturdays before, and the Mondays after, Sunday public Moto-Cross meetings. Please  will every Club member andFriendsof the E&DRCCwrite a letter to support our planning application.

Our planning application reference is: 13/01852/MAJ 

C/o Mrs Estelle Smith (Case Planning Officer)

Planning Department,

Teignbridge District Council

Forde House

Newton Abbot

Devon. TQ12 4XX                

For those who wish to write a letter of support “On Line”, the Internet Link is as follows:

If you wish to fly on Sundays at Wrayford Field, and on the Saturdays before, and on the Mondays after Public Moto-Cross meetings, then please write your letter of support as soon as possible.

No Fly Days = Work Party Days 

The next “No Fly Day” at Wrayford Field will be on Saturday the 14th of September. This is because of a Moto-Cross Practice day at the Whiteway Barton track and the many riders who will be using the track, and the increased traffic using Hestow Road.

The flying patch, pits and car park area will again be  rolled again with the vibro-roller. and some minor filling and seeding of  bare patches around the flying site.

Weather permitting, flying will be as normal on  Monday, the 16th of September

Electric Fencing at Wrayford Field

(16th March 2013)

The electric fencing around the flying patch and the car park area has now been completed and is now operational. The fencing must be switched off and the mounting poles laid down before any flying commences. All fencing shall be connected up and switched on again before leaving the flying site. All members have been notified of it’s operation and the padlock code.

For security reasons, the battery, the energiser and all  green plastic mounting poles have all been engraved “Stolen from E&DRCC” , and the pole tops painted with yellow paint. From this year, we will only have to “manage” the sheep in the field. The herd of “Devon Red” cattle will be now kept in the other fields where piped water supplies have been installed  by our landlord.    


Devon Area Events Calendar

Blackdown Radio Control Flying Club

Saturday & Sunday, September 21st & 22nd

Members are invited to their annual invitation  Fly-In at Smeatharpe Airfield, located half a mile southwest of Smeatharpe Village, between the A30 and A303 trunk roads. Free camping is available, but facilities are limited.

For more information, please contact: Graham Webb: 07767 660461


2nd, 3rd, 4th, 8th, & 16th March: Small work parties of “core” and “newer” members worked very hard in arduously cold and squally conditions to install the electric fencing around the flying patch and car parking area. The starting bench wheels and axles have been reconditioned and are ready for more green fence paint to be applied when the weather is drier.

 2nd February: On Saturday morning, over 5 tons of graded stone scalpings were laid from the gateway towards the car parking area. The wheel tracks were efficiently laid with stone scalpings and all was completed by 11-30 am.  This was due to the combined efforts of all members attending the work party armed with wheel barrows and spades.  Normal two wheel drive vehicles are now able to drive to the pits area.  The flying patch was also mown and rolled for the first time since the New year.  Although Saturday afternoon was rather cold, the sunny conditions and a reducing breeze enabled some enjoyable flying.  

28th January: Due to the recent bad weather and continuing rain, there has been little flying at Wrayford Field since Christmas. Only the hardy have ventured out on the few flyable days this year. Unfortunately, the field by the gate has now become very wet and muddy. It will require quite a few dry days for it to dry out sufficiently for cars to drive to the pits again.  However, a few trailer loads of  crushed rubble will soon the spread from the gateway  to create a pair of wheel tracks up to the pits.

More good news: Most of the equipment required for the electric fencing has now been purchased.  A club work party will soon be organised to assemble and commissioned the fencing, hopefully, before the next flock of sheep are introduced to Wrayford Field. 


    E&DRCC Annual general Meeting

 The Club 2012 Annual General meeting was held on Wednesday Evening 5th December 2012 at the Ten Tors Inn, Kingsteignton. Business commenced at 8-00pm with a break for refreshments at 9-15pm.  Free Tea, Coffee, and a Christmas buffet was provided.

There was also a draw for a £50.00, 2013 club membership. Tickets were £2.00 each or £5.00 for three.  The lucky winner was our Club Safety Officer, Richard Winter, who is also one of our club flying instructors. He regularly mows the flying patch and attends most work parties. A well deserved winner.

The Club senior club membership subscriptions remain at £50.00 per annum, and the Junior club subscriptions remain at £20.00 per annum.

 In response to current economic conditions, the senior member joining fee is reduced to £10.00. and there is NO joining fee for Junior members.

Cattle at Wrayford Field

The herd of “Devon Red” cattle, who recently “resided” at our flying site have now been moved.  Due to tremendous amount of rain this summer, the soft turf of our flying poatch was severely damaged. The lower fields will soon have a permanent water supply installed to feed the drinking troughs . The cattle needed to access the north paddock which has a drinking trough. Each of these maturing, gentle beasts weighed close to 1400 lbs, and as such, they severely indented the soft turf with every step, that is apart from the soft “deposits” around the flying site .

These cattle are not alarmed by our flying activities and took little notice of us, apart from being a rather inquisitive. This has been favourably noticed by our planning officers on a number of occasions, which completely defeats our objectors, saying that cattle and sheep are frightened by our models. It was always easy to clear them from the flying patch by slowly walking up and talking with a soft voice, the herd gently walked away from the flying areas. There was no need to rush them.

Our landlord will soon be pumping water from tanks in the barn up to tanks in the top field which will serve the  water troughs in the lower fields. He already has most of the pipework and some tanks installed.  He has already purchased and tested a powerful pump to supply the tanks in the corner of the field.

Previously, the large steel  tank had to be filled manually from a water bowser hauled by a tractor. But this was rusted through at the bottom, it has since been removed  for scrap.

This water project will be at no cost to the club and this will serve the cattle, sheep and horses in the other fields. In all, a win-win solution for everyone. The gateway between the two upper fields will also be modified to provide a “sheep gate” to prevent  access by cattle to our flying site.

Our First Anniversary At Wrayford Field

 On Saturday 6th October, we celebrated our first year of flying with a club barbequeue at Wrayford Field. About twenty members and friends turned up during the day. Although the previous days had been very wet, the site dried off very well and the was grass “poo scooped” and cut during the morning to provide a reasonable flying surface. The weather slowly improved during the day to give dryer and calmer flying conditions during the afternoon.

 One of our honorary members, Martin Lidden and a former member from 25 years ago, Brian Presdee, had an enjoyable afternoon talking about the flying days at Forches Cross, before our 24 years at Exeter Race course ! We also hosted two guest flyers who indicated their wish to join the club.

Improvements to the Take-off and Landing Patch

Last Wednesday afternoon, 19th September, the flying patch was vibratory rolled with the “New” roller to smooth out many of the bumps. Then on Thursday afternoon it was closely mown and rolled again to improve it further.  The result being that “the patch” is now in the best condition yet, for takeoffs and landings.

However, a total of only five members turned up to fly during all of Friday and Saturday when the weather was extremely pleasant and fine for flying……………There are currently no sheep, or cows in the field !

Club Meeting at the Ten Tors Inn  (19th September 2012) 

The meeting commenced at 7-30 pm in the function room, with an update on the current planning application to vary our conditions of use. Members attended to hear the facts and ask any questions. Free tea coffee and biscuits were provided with the usual range of “beverages” available from the bar.

Afterwards, Stan Yeo, of Phoenix models, gave an excellent talk on Electric Powered Models to bring us up to date with the latest in electric model technology, which is rapidly gaining in popularity. This is due to now having the same power available as i.c engines, but without all the noise and having to clean off oily exhaust residues after a days flying. When we eventually obtain permission to fly electric models and gliders on Sundays, we will all benefit by having a better understanding of model electronic systems. 

For those members and friends who were unable to attend this presentation, a new page has been added to the website, entitled, “Electric Flight“. We will edeavour to keep this page updated with relevant information.     

Our Planning Application: 12/02697/MAJ

We have now re-submitted the planning application with the text and supporting documents simplified to avoid further confusion. The newly extended “No Fly Zone” is a radial extension over the farmhouse and buildings at a distance of 300 metres. This does not reduce our existing flying area and is displayed on the club notice board.

“Variation of planning conditions of 11/01120/MAJ – 14 &16 to permit the flying of models, when gliding, beyond the 300 metre “normal flying zone” but not within the newly extended “no fly zone” and 15, to permit the flying of electric powered models and gliders only, on Sundays between the hours of 10.00 and 17.00, in addition to the existing permission to fly models on Saturdays” 

The direct link to the council website page is as follows: 

We have had to start the planning application process all over again, at no extra cost, but with the planning officers now having a better understanding of our rather technical hobby. The downside is that we will have to write our letters of support all over again…………..and so will any objectors !

BMFA  ‘A’ Tests

Recently, two more members have successfully passed their BMFA “A” flying test.

 Congratulations go to new member, Rupert Greeves, and “older” member, Mel Baker. We all wish them a lifetime of happy landings.

Our many thanks go to our BMFA examiner, Richard Ray, and also to our club flying instructors who have helped Rupert and Mel achieve the standard of flying necessary to fly solo.

Flying Site damage

After the Patchquick Moto-cross event on Wednesday 11th of July, when the field was used for overspill car parking , the mown and rolled  take off and landing area was found to be badly rutted by car tyres and an “Idiot” had peformed swerves and “do-nuts” with his vehicle on the damp grass. The new gateway entrance is also badly ripped up due to the spectator traffic.

Our landlord has said that other fields will be used for  overspill car parking at future events. 

Philip Wrayford, has since provided a ton of  fresh gravel, which  was laid down in the gateway and into the field entrance on Monday Morning 16th July. he has also located in one of his barns,  an old, very large , large self propelled pedestrian roller for us to use at no cost , if we could start it ?………It is now running ok again and will be used to further improve the flying patch and pits area ……….When it stops raining !! 


July 14th & 15th LAA Devon “Strut” Fly-in at Dunkeswell

This was a FULL SIZE aviation Fly-In and display of aircraft, plus other associated events at Dunkeswell Aerodrome last weekend. The club provided a static and flying display of model aircraft in conjuction with the Chesil Model Aircraft Club at this fly-in organised by the Light Aircraft Association.

This was a “No Fly” weekend at Wrayford Field, due to a Moto-Cross Event

It’s officially been the wettest Year to July  on record. So for those of you who have waited patiently for the rain to stop, please take heart and hope for better flying weather soon. The recent No Fly Days at Wrayford Field due to the moto-cross event were also unflyable due to wind and rain.

The good news on Friday 27th April, is that despite the recent torrential rains, the grass at entrance to Wrayford field was not waterlogged and was quite driveable…………..The downside, is that the grass is now growing like the clappers and needs mowing at least once a week.  The abundance of sheep “fertiliser” is now working too well !!

Hearty congratulations  go to E&DRCC Junior Member, 16 years old, Aric Maya, who achieved his BMFA “A” certificate yesterday at Wrayford Field. (Saturday 25th February). Aric is the first member to take their BMFA test at our new flying site.

Aric Maya was instructed by three of our club trainers, Nigel Rollason, Chris Podbury and Richard Winter. The test was conducted by Richard Ray, our club examiner.  

Aric chose to fly his “Precedent Fun fly” model, fitted with an SC 25 engine, turning an APC 10″ x 5″ prop. It has a spritely performance and is very aerobatic, especially with Aric flying it ! This model was purchased from the “Barn” along with two old Futaba Challenger transmitters, receivers and some servos, all for £30.00.  Everything was very dirty and scruffy. It required a few days work to clean everything,  re-furbish the airframe, fit replacement batteries, new crystals, electrical testing and the fitting a brand new SC 25 motor that had been a birthday present. Aric now prefers flying this to his well used, 3rd hand, Irvine Tutor 40. If any members “notice” a Precedent Fun Fly, or an Irvine  Tutor 40, flying around inverted and practising  the BMFA “B” aerobatic schedule, say hello to Aric.