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Aerial views

Aerial Views

First BBQ at the Club Cabin

Good turn out

Models all lined up

Club cabin

Leading up to the car parking area and Club cabin

T28 Trojan

Slow Poke

Chairmans Block

Grand Cruiser

Model Pits



Wrayford Field (Click on to expand Image, then back page to return)

Nice B25 WWII Bomber

First Official Flight at Wrayford Field

Junior 60 on finals. First official landing at Wrayford Field

Mk IX Spitfire "Beating Up" the field

Mk IX Spitfire “Beating Up” the field



Aerobatic, Rudder Only, “Tadpol






De Havilland ‘Chipmunk’ in the circuit

Leccie ‘ZAGI’ with LED lighting

Thunderbolt safely taxiing back from a ‘mission’









20160224_142211 20160224_142304

Starting benches and Model pits area



F35 Strike plane with vertor thrust




ME 163 with Webra 61 (Exhaust Exit at rear)