British Model Flying Association

This is our national body that represents our interests at government and international levels. (Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers) They also manage our excellent insurance cover for all types of model aircraft.


BBC Weather Forecasts

The BBC weather forecasts give hourly weather forecasts for today and tomorrow then 3 hourly forecasts for the following three days.  The link should be centred upon  TQ13 which is the postal area best suited to forecasts for Wrayford Field, then select for up to 5 days ahead. This will help you plan ahead and make the best use of your spare time for model flying.


Propeller Balancing

Less than 10% of propellers purchased are in perfect balance. It is most important that ALL propellers, of ALL types must be balanced as carefully as possible before use. Especially those fitted to electric motors, as the miniature ball bearing races are easily damaged and soon wear out.

This American video shows how to balance your propellers perfectly. These same techniques apply to all sizes of propellers…………..Even full size aeroplane propellers !

RCMF Engine Silencing Discussion Board

The BMFA says “Noisy Models Lose Flying Sites”. Most model flying clubs have noise restrictions. It often depends upon who lives nearest to the flying site.  Model noise can be a major concern. Especially as larger models require larger, louder engines. A noisy model does not necessarily have more power, nor fly any better. These posts discuss various solutions to model noise at different model flying sites around the country.

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Model Glowplug Engine Fuels 

Not all glowpug fuels are the same. Different engines require different “glowfuel” mixes to achieve “optimum performance”.  This may be for maximum power, maximum  tractability, or maximum engine life. It is often overlooked, that the by-product of burning Nitro-Methane is Nitric-Acid.  Thus, the more nitro-methane used in your fuel, apart from increased power output, increased wear, and corrosion is more likely in your engine. The use of Castor Oil in the fuel, can help prevent corrosion. Whereas synthetic oils are not as good.

This link to the Model Technics website shows their various fuel mixes developed for different  applications. The fuels I use have similar proportions of EDL synthetic oil, and castor oil, up to 20% total oil content, with either 5% or 10% nitromethane to suit either 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines.

Large Model Association

For those wanting to build and fly large scale models, the LMA provides the help and guidance necessary to build and fly them, and also to satisfy the Civil Aviation Authority regulations.

Experimental Aircraft Association

This is an American association for the “experimental” category of full size aircraft.  Their website can provide aeronautical and historical information for almost every aircraft type ever made. It is a truly international organisation for all aviation enthusiasts.

The Shuttleworth Collection

A visit to the Shutttleworth collection on a flying day is surely a “rite of passage” for any modeller with an interest in pre-war aircraft. There are also a number of flying weekends every year for model aircraft as well. “

Mikael Carlson Flying Machines

I was fortunate enough to meet Mikael at his private collection of vintage aircraft when visiting a friend in Sweden. Mikael is a former Class 2 scale, model aircraft world champion. He still flies radio controlled model aircraft from time to time. All of these magnificent aircraft are flown regularly at full size flying displays around Europe. ” 

Phoenix Model Products

Phoenix Model Products is located off Salisbury Road, Newton Abbot.  Stan Yeo is an experienced aeromodeller who supplies all types of aeromodelling equipment at very competitive prices. The web site displays his stock of modelling goods and has many pages of useful technical information. “

Bekra Models

Bekra Models located in Queen Street, Newton Abbot. They stock modelling goods for many different hobbies. John is a member of the E&DRCC, and his shop carries a good range of aeromodelling items to suit most skill levels. “

Totem Hobbies

Totem Hobbies is located in Mutley, on the North side of Plymouth. A good range of aircraft kits, ARTF  planes, Bind and Fly models, and I.C. engines of most sizes are stocked.


AK RC Models

AKRC is located at 11A  Broadmeadow Ind. Est, Teignmouth TQ14 9AE. A small shop but packed with all sorts of modelling goods including planes, boats and cars. Friendly staff.